Support Materials

Support materials for our films are downloadable from this page. Most all films have a Learning Guide for use by students and a set of Discussion Topics for use by teachers. Some films have additional support materials; look for these links.

All materials are available in several electronic formats, ranging from Adobe PDF to Microsoft Word and Microsoft Publisher. The PDF and Word formats produce 8.5×11 inch documents; the Publisher format is for a 5.5×8.5 inch booklet format.

Software materials such as random generators are also considered materials, when working with data projects.  Applications such as bingo apps, that a utilize random generators to produce alternate win-loss scenarios, can be an informative tool by example for programmers working with randomization.  There are also several apps that are out there for free.  These free apps can provide a number of resources for light checks, distance checking and even navigation.  These services can help directors in processing dailies and can even speed up the entire filming process.  You can find out a list of these apps here.

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