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Discover the new means of sensory information with gaming videos.  The newest trend in marketing video games, casino games and apps are gaming videos.  This new technique has been chosen as the second most popular means of getting information about gaming products to the market.  The number one remains as interactive game demos.

These videos, when on  servers, especially the ones for PC games can be customized and edited in numerous ways. These customizations include small tweaks to the settings of the game and editing the codes that will change the behavior of the server itself. More on managed hosting is available online.



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YouTube Videos

YouTube Directing and Filmmaking

Learning how to direct and edit You Tube Videos is not as difficult as it once was.  Will you need a degree from a filmschool?  Probably not, as most of the YouTube stars have had hardly any education in film at all.  One area in which new directors find the most difficulty is in video editing equipment and software however, YouTube has now added gaming software for free to their available features.

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New Projects

Our New Projects Include:

Update 27-8-2022

The research we are doing in 2022 for our new project is about people winning and losing at online casinos, and we are using this list for sites: 15 best online casinos in Canada. If you know anybody who plays these casinos and would like to help with this movie project, please get in touch with us at moviesATdavidsonfilmsstore.com; thanks. We can’t pay for the interviews but will give free lunch to all we interview 😉

Ongoing project:

Discovering Brain Science, a documentary on brain sciences.

The Advancement of the Mind, a Youtube gaming video revealing the improvements in video games over the past decade.

Roulette Makers, a documentary following a group of four gamblers from Australia as they search for a stable method of consistent wins when playing Roulette.

Online Casinos, a look at beste online casinos in Germany

The Bohemians Film On Kickstarter Project
Without a doubt, La Bohème, the masterpiece of Puccini that made the musical world do a barrel roll is the most known opera in the world. The opera is based on the novel that was written by the great writer, Henri Murger.

His novel is basically a group of vignettes that tells the tale of a group of young people who live as Bohemians in Paris in the Latin Quarter in 1840. The opera edition of the play focuses on Rodolfo and Mimi’s relationship. An intense yet a tragic tale that has a very sad ending as Mimi dies at the end.

The Bohemians the movie version that is trying to get funding through Kickstarter web host has one main purpose, to bring this amazing story from the opera house to the TV screen so the movie fans can enjoy it as well.

Another important thing to remember with a new project is that you will need a stable web server for your website.  Make sure to check with the available cloud vendor services and get the one appropriate to the size of your web project.

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